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Website Update & Delayed April Summary

Without further ado, let's get to the point:

Considering that it may not be possible to use the root domain name for the blog with commenting functionality in the future (not sure if it's true, but someone has already fallen victim to it), and because I quite like this new domain name, starting from today, the domain name of this site will officially be changed to my.toho.red. So when you see the URL change, don't suspect that we've been hacked, this is just our site :)

Originally, I planned to write something during the May Day holiday, but due to some things that came up (procrastination), I didn't have time to write many things I wanted to write during the holiday. Therefore, this weekend, I may continue writing the things I want to write. I definitely won't procrastinate this time (serious face)

It turns out that my dependence on my phone has indeed seriously affected my performance. In April, I tried not to bring my phone back to school to play, and the results were pleasing: I returned to the top 5 in the class and reached the grade ranking level when I took the entrance exam (I didn't dare to say the specific ranking because I'm afraid of losing face:( ). Therefore, this month, I have reaffirmed my determination to stay away from my phone and strive to be in the top 100 of the grade by the end of the semester (although it's unlikely).

It's a new year again, time to set new goals:

  • Stay away from my phone and not give up on previous achievements.
  • Use free time to read Marxist classics and try to finish reading the Selected Works of Mao Zedong.
  • Resume the things I procrastinated on (models, a certain project outline, a weekly rambling...).

That's all for now, best wishes.


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