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How to create a Minecraft skin website using Alibaba Cloud server

Updated on 2021/12/19: The promotion for Alibaba Cloud student servers is no longer available. You can check out the new user discount from UCloud, which is as low as 50 yuan per year (I am not sponsored by them).

Link: www.ucloud.cn. The purchasing process is similar, and I will also supplement the Linux tutorial when I have time.

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We all know that in the game Minecraft, the ability to freely change skins is a major feature that allows players to have a variety of personalized appearances. However, this feature has a major limitation, which is that only players with genuine accounts can change skins, while pirated players can only rely on third-party skin websites like **LittleSkin to achieve skin changing functionality. If you are a server owner and want to have your own skin website, then this tutorial will teach you how to build a webpage skin website similar to LittleSkin.

To build a skin website, you need to prepare the following items:

  • A cloud server with Windows installed (must have a dedicated public IP)
  • The latest version of PHPStudy
  • Blessing Skin Server webpage source code

PS: It is recommended to choose Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud servers for cloud servers. Taobao service providers are not highly recommended because building a website requires a dedicated IP, and many service providers use shared IPs.
If you are under 24 years old, you can check out these activities. For only 10 yuan per month, you can get a student-exclusive cloud server with 1h2g:
Alibaba Cloud: https://promotion.aliyun.com/ntms/act/campus2018.html
Tencent Cloud: https://cloud.tencent.com/act/campus

I recommend purchasing Alibaba Cloud's student server because as long as you are under 24 years old, you can purchase it indefinitely, while Tencent Cloud can only be purchased once, and the next purchase will be at the original price.
Activate the cloud server
Here, I will demonstrate the process of activating a cloud server using Alibaba Cloud:
Click on "ECS" for cloud servers and select "Windows Server 2012" as the pre-installed image, then click "Buy" (since this is a relatively simple tutorial, we won't use Ubuntu and CentOS, but I will write a separate tutorial for Linux in the future).

After the purchase is complete, you will be redirected to the order page. Set the remote desktop login password in the lower-left corner, and then click "Confirm Order" to make the payment.

After the payment is complete, you will be automatically redirected to the following list, which means that your server has been successfully activated. However, even if the payment is successful, it does not mean that we can connect directly. We still need to perform the following steps to proceed with the work:

Configure security groups

  1. Click on the instance and in the pop-up page, click on "Security Groups".

  2. Click on "Configure Rules" to enter the following page.

  3. Click on "Add Security Group" and add the following two rules.

  4. Save and exit.
    Connect to the cloud server
    After the above operations, we have successfully configured the security groups. Next, we go back to the instance list, copy the public IP, and open the built-in Remote Desktop on your computer to connect to the server.

After the above steps, we have successfully entered the desktop of the cloud server. However, you still need to perform the following steps to install the skin website:

My server is already configured, but your server, since it was just created, will not have anything on the desktop.
Install the environment
First, you need to download the following files to the server:

PS: If the IE browser in the server is downloading too slowly, you can download the files on your own computer and then upload them to the server. The upload method is simple: select the file on your computer, press Ctrl+C, then go to the Remote Desktop and press Ctrl+V.

After all the files are uploaded, we need to install the skin website in the following way:

  1. Click to install 7zip (you must install it first, otherwise the other two compressed files cannot be opened).

After installation, open the uploaded PHPStudy (make sure to right-click to open, otherwise it will prompt that the file cannot be opened).

After opening, double-click on this file to install PHPStudy.

After installation, we will enter the following page. You still need to configure the following steps:

  1. Enable the Apache and MySQL services.

I have already enabled them here, just for demonstration purposes.

  1. Click on "Environment" and install PHP 5.2.17nts.

  2. Click on "Database" and create a database for the skin website (you can fill in any name and password, just remember them).

After creating the database, click "OK", and then minimize PHPStudy. This completes the configuration of PHPStudy. To verify if PHPStudy is working properly, you need to perform the following steps:

Enter the public IP of the server in the browser and press Enter. When the following page appears, it means that your skin website is installed correctly and you can proceed to install the skin website.

Configure the skin website
Next, you need to install the skin website using the following steps:

  1. Create a folder named "skin" in C.

  2. Unzip all the downloaded skin website source code into the "skin" folder.

  3. Go into the skin website and use Notepad to edit the ".env.example" file (Windows Server, which is pre-installed on the cloud server, does not display file extensions by default, so please search online for how to display them, otherwise it may cause issues).

  4. Fill in the database name, username, and password that you created earlier in this location.

  5. Save and exit, and rename ".env.example" to ".env" (remember to include the dot at the end).

With this, the skin website is configured. You can enter your public IP/skin in the browser to access the skin website installation program (for example, if your public IP is, enter in the browser).


After going through these steps, your skin website is successfully built. However, this skin website is just an empty shell and needs to be configured before it can be used. If you are interested, don't forget to follow my blog and mcbbs account. In the next article, I will provide a detailed explanation of how to configure the skin changing function and external login function of the skin website.

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