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Pingdingshan Liu Yukun Incident Relay

On December 10th, in Pingdingshan, Henan province, a 15-year-old teenager named Liu Yukun (@平顶山刘玉琨) released a series of videos claiming that his family was forced into ruin by a property developer. His father has not been laid to rest, his grandparents are paralyzed in bed due to cerebral hemorrhage, and he himself has dropped out of school and stays at home.

In 2017, a certain property developer in Pingdingshan developed the collective land of Lianhua Pen Village. Liu Yuegang (Liu Yukun's father), who has a disability and relies on making noodles for a living, refused to be relocated out of fear that he would not be able to survive after the demolition. On the morning of November 12, 2017, Liu Yuegang was assaulted by unidentified individuals; on December 8, 2012, Lu Junhong (Liu Yukun's cousin) was also assaulted; around 3:00 am on December 11, 2017, a group of unidentified individuals vandalized the houses of Liu Yuegang and Lu Junhong. In 2018, the 6 individuals involved in the above cases were sentenced to 8 to 5 years of imprisonment for provocation and troublemaking.

On January 10, 2018, due to helplessness, the Liu family signed the first contract with the developer, but the contract became void as the developer did not fulfill any expenses. On May 30, 2019, they signed the second contract. The contract stipulated that 2 sets of 125.11 square meter apartments in Building 3 should be delivered before May 20, 2020, and 2 sets of 92.5 square meter apartments in Building 5 should be delivered before May 20, 2022. If Party A breaches the contract, they should also pay a penalty of 1.6 million yuan. After the contract expired, the Liu family repeatedly urged the developer to fulfill the contract, but the developer refused. According to the interviewee, the developer bluntly said that they don't have your house, and they can sue in Pingdingshan as they please, even if they sue for ten years.

On November 15, 2021, the father passed away due to various reasons and has not been laid to rest. The grandparents are paralyzed in bed due to cerebral hemorrhage, and the only one left in the family is 15-year-old Liu Yukun, who dropped out of school and stays at home due to livelihood issues.

Currently, their demand is for the developer to first provide them with two apartments, and the remaining two can be negotiated. Because the grandparents need money for medical treatment, they also need to handle the funeral arrangements for the father, and Liu Yukun himself needs to continue studying and living. The penalty of 1.6 million yuan can be reduced to 800,000 yuan. (Source: Interviewee: Liu Yukun)

The staff of the local street office stated that after the father of the teenager was assaulted by people from the property developer, the police have solved the case, and the relevant individuals have been sentenced and compensated. Liu Kun's family is relatively special and difficult, and the local government has been providing assistance. The property developer has already gone bankrupt, and the relevant departments are undergoing restructuring procedures. The government is also making every effort to salvage the project.

If I do not wave the flag and shout today, when I am in distress, no one will speak up for me. Justice cannot be completely killed, because the truth will always exist.

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