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Summary and Follow-up Plans for the Tencent Push Project


Looking back, I can't remember when I first started writing projects, nor do I know how many projects I've abandoned since I started using GitHub. The only project I remember and have maintained to this day is Tencent Push. Originally, it was a program I made for personal use on a whim, but now it has become the project with the most stars I have ever had. This project is not only the only one I have made that solves practical problems, but also witnesses several milestones on my journey of writing bugs:

##First star

It's a bit ridiculous to say: the first time I wrote this project, I just finished it and sent it to a Telegram group with thousands of members, and I shamelessly asked the group members for stars. Originally, I hoped that the experts in the group could give me some constructive criticism, because my coding skills were quite poor, but to my surprise, I received a star within a minute. And a few minutes later, I received two more stars. It was these stars that encouraged me to continue working on this project, and now it has nearly 30 stars.

##First pull request

Embarrassingly, I have been using GitHub for almost two years, but I didn't know how to contribute to others. Fortunately, before I realized this problem, my project received its first pull request. I thought this project was already perfect, but when I saw the content of the pull request, I suddenly realized the imperfections of this project and devoted myself to further improving it. This was the time when I had the deepest understanding of the Internet spirit of "people helping each other", and it made me see the thriving vitality of the open-source community more clearly. Thanks to those who walk in the darkness, it is you who make the Internet colorful.

##First time solving a problem with my own power

Looking back at the projects I have done before, most of them were for learning or showing off, without anything useful and without any technical content. But this project is different. This project is not only an application of my QQ bot's extrapolation, but also the first solution I have given to a practical problem. If someone benefits from my project, it is the best reward I have gained on my journey of writing bugs.

#Future Plans

A hero doesn't dwell on past glories, but instead focuses on future plans. If I were to list them, these are the challenges that this project is currently facing:

##The changing QQ

A few months ago, while helping someone set up, I accidentally learned a fact: QQ is about to integrate with Xiaomi Push, and it is already in testing. This statement seems to be true, as someone has already found the Xiaomi Push SDK in the latest version of QQ. Until now, although QQ has not yet integrated with Xiaomi Push, it has already integrated with third-party pushes from Huawei, OPPO, and VIVO. When I heard this news, I once doubted the future of this project and even thought about stopping the project updates.

But when I saw the number of stars for this project continue to grow, I suddenly realized a fact: not everyone is using the latest version of QQ. For example, I am still using an old version of TIM from the Android 4.0 era, which only has basic chat functions. Yes, although most people are using fancy new versions, there are still a few minimalists using old versions, downloading QQ just for chatting. As long as these people exist, my project will always be useful.

##The long-delayed WeChat

From the name of this project, Tencent Push, it can be seen that this project supports not only QQ, but also WeChat. However, due to Tencent's suppression of third-party interfaces for WeChat and the limitations of the web version, support for WeChat has never been realized. After searching through GitHub, I couldn't find any WeChat bot programs similar to go-cqhttp.

Currently, with my level of expertise, I am unable to independently create a WeChat bot program, so I can only hope that someone more experienced will research it.


After summarizing so much, there is actually only one thing I want to say: as long as there are people who need this project, it will never stop. In the future, I hope I can continue to persist in this path, make my own contributions to the open-source community, and benefit society in my own way.

There was no road in the world, but when more people walked, it became a road.


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