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About Data Loss & Recovery on this Site

This morning, when I had nothing to do and wanted to check the website traffic, I suddenly found that this site was showing a 503 error, indicating that the database couldn't be connected. I thought it might be due to the cheap hosting provider's database exploding as usual, so I went to the backend to take a look. To my surprise, I was able to log in to the database, but all the data related to this site had mysteriously disappeared.

Recalling my recent actions, it seems that I haven't done anything in the backend, and just yesterday evening the site was still accessible. I asked the person who sold me the hosting, but all I got was a "don't ask me" reply (those were their exact words). Upon hearing this, I realized that the hosting provider was not taking responsibility, so I immediately checked if I had any article backups on my computer. However, I usually write articles directly in the website backend and don't have the habit of writing locally and then copying and pasting, so I couldn't find any local backups at all.

Later, after some random operations on my part, I discovered that Bing also has a snapshot feature similar to Baidu's, so I quickly went to backup the snapshot pages. Unfortunately, more than half of the page snapshots had been deleted, so I could only recover a small portion of the articles. But even that was considered fortunate, as I had already prepared to say goodbye to the blog.

From this lesson, I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Cheap doesn't mean good quality, so never go for those few dollars of savings and buy from small vendors (even though I am also a small vendor).
  2. Data is priceless, so backups must be done promptly.
  3. There are always more solutions than difficulties.

This site may be migrated to another place in the future, and we will try our best to do frequent backups to minimize the inconvenience caused to visitors.


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