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On the eve of the college entrance examination, let's talk about my thoughts again.

Title: On the Eve of the College Entrance Examination, Revisiting My Thoughts
Date: 2022-06-06 10:57:00
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As I recall, it's only 10 days left until the college entrance examination when I thought about discussing my thoughts on the exam. Even though I had plenty of free time during regular holidays, I had to start preparing for the exam when it approached. Finally, when I managed to find some time, I realized that the exam was tomorrow. So, let me use this delayed article to express my delayed thoughts.

Looking back, my psychological changes regarding the college entrance examination were quite dramatic. From initially not caring at all, to becoming nervous about preparing for the exam, and finally feeling calm in the last few days. This characteristic of mine seems to be innate: when faced with the unknown fear, I become nervous like most people, but when I know that something bad is bound to happen, I suddenly become calm and start thinking about countermeasures. I used to not understand why this was the case, but now I seem to understand: it is precisely because I have an inquisitive personality that I try to understand the unknown when it approaches. Only in this situation can my rationality be stimulated. Since that's the case, it seems that my understanding of the college entrance examination can be attributed to this reason:

What is the college entrance examination in my mind? My answer is actually simple and unexpected: it's just an exam. It's just different from regular exams in that the college entrance examination determines one's destiny, and everything is decided by scores. To put it more bluntly: going to high school is for the college entrance examination, and the college entrance examination is for obtaining a degree, that's all. Writing up to this point, I suddenly understand something else: it is because I simplify the logic behind all unknown events from the perspective of interests that I can seemingly understand everything so quickly, and then consider the "unknown" as "known".

Although I easily answered the question of "why take the college entrance examination," while feeling pleased, I couldn't help but ponder another question: is the college entrance examination really just that for most people? Obviously not. If it were really that simple, why would so many people, regardless of their grades, rejoice for the college entrance examination and shed tears because of it? In my opinion, the college entrance examination and the results are not the end, but rather a testament to twelve years of hard work during one's student years.

Effort is something that is difficult to quantify. If I had to say, perhaps only grades can quantify it. Whether it's elementary school, middle school, or high school students, what they anticipate the most is not just summer or winter vacations, but also the grades of their final exams. If they perform well, they not only get to enjoy a pleasant vacation, but also potentially receive various rewards. More importantly, their efforts are summarized and recognized in a quantifiable manner, giving them a sense of achievement similar to leveling up in a game or obtaining rare equipment. If they perform poorly, even without being scolded by their family, they will feel a sense of disappointment in their own lack of effort. Therefore, it can be seen that students strive for good grades not only to please their teachers and parents, but also to a greater extent, to please themselves. They use grades to quantify their level of effort and determine if their efforts have corresponding rewards.

As for "why take the college entrance examination," using this theory to explain it also makes sense: it is still to measure one's level of effort, but the time span being measured is twelve years. However, for the college entrance examination, there are more special reasons: first of all, the college entrance examination determines one's destiny, and a single exam can determine one's future status. The utilitarian aspect of the exam is more prominent than before. But if we simply think of the college entrance examination as a means to enter university, we would be generalizing, because the college entrance examination also has another characteristic: it is the lingering glory of one's student years. Why do I say this? Because the college entrance examination is the last time to abandon all personal factors and rely solely on effort to succeed. The twelve years of student life is the fairest period in one's life. By simply working hard, one can climb upwards without considering relationships, money, or status, and focus solely on studying. The college entrance examination is the last exam that solely relies on effort to achieve good results. Therefore, the college entrance examination has become the last opportunity for students to quantify their level of effort.

After analyzing so much, I suddenly realize that I seem to have digressed and forgotten to talk about myself. My twelve years have been ordinary yet extraordinary. It's ordinary because, like most students, I have been studying diligently without sitting in the back row by the window or performing heroic deeds to save the world. It's extraordinary because I am different from most students. I have encountered different teachers, classmates, and life experiences. And my life is filled with different events, some of which I have forgotten, some of which I will never forget, some joyful, some sad, some fun... But more than anything, it's the ordinary days, familiar faces, and mundane study time.

It's funny to think about it, but when I reminisce about my life, I haven't achieved any remarkable accomplishments: I haven't obtained any certifications, won any awards, or even participated in competitions, let alone giving a speech on a podium. But who says that this kind of life is boring? Even though I am ordinary, I have encountered extraordinary people: classmates who study together, teachers who answer my questions, friends who share joys and sorrows, and parents who have been with me through thick and thin. Although in the eyes of others, these people are all ordinary, in my eyes, they will always be my heroes. They are like a warm breeze in the cold winter and a beam of light in the dark night, always giving me hope and inspiring me to keep moving forward.

Perhaps, the ordinary people in our eyes are the priceless treasures in the eyes of others. There are never two identical leaves, and naturally, there are never identical people. Each person is unique and a priceless treasure in this world. Maybe you, like me, are an ordinary person, but in the eyes of others, you will always be the unique and extraordinary one. I hope you remember: there are people who love you in this world, never give up hope.

I wish every candidate can surpass themselves, start with a victory, achieve excellent results, and find the people who love you and whom you love.

As we bid farewell, tears flow down our faces, not knowing what to say.


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