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Regarding the disappearance of this site's response

Title: Response to the Disappearance of this Website
Date: 2022-07-08 07:48:00
Categories: Announcement
URL Name: 82

It's been a long time since I last checked, and I didn't even notice that the website suddenly became inaccessible. After a simple investigation, I found out that the free Azure host was shut down due to the cancellation of the virtual credit card, causing all the websites hosted on it to be inaccessible, including this website. After a not-at-all nervous afternoon of emergency repairs, this website is finally accessible again, and it is expected to be filed and migrated to a domestic host in two months.

Some readers may find it strange. After all, the college entrance examination is over, and there is plenty of time. Why not write more articles? Is it because there is no activity to write about? Actually, it's not. On the contrary, a lot has happened during this period: the college entrance examination ended, switching from 3DS to Switch, getting a new computer, writing bugs, and any one of them can generate a considerable amount of content. But one important thing has not been completed, so I have no intention to write and can only wait for things to settle down.

I hope for a good outcome (although it is destined not to be that good).


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