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Potplayer+SVP4 Frame Interpolation Viewing Experience - Easily Upgrade 24fps Japanese Anime to 60fps

Recently, I suddenly lost interest in video games and instead became obsessed with watching anime - which is quite normal, considering that I haven't watched anime in a long time~~ maybe this is electronic impotence~~. But when watching anime, as someone who is used to a new computer with a 120fps screen, watching 24fps anime became increasingly straining on my eyes. It was at this moment that I suddenly learned about the new technology of "frame interpolation," and this technology has a special enhancement for anime. So after some tinkering, I successfully experienced 60fps and even 90fps 2D anime.

Let's first talk about what frame interpolation is: actually, frame interpolation is not difficult to understand. It takes the original 24 frames of a video as keyframes, then uses algorithms to calculate the coherent frames between each keyframe, and inserts them into the keyframes to achieve the effect of increasing the frame rate. Although this significantly improves smoothness, it only applies to hand-drawn 2D animation, and the effect is not as obvious for 3D animation or movies (since the latter are usually already 60fps and don't require frame interpolation).

Let's take a look at the effect. This is the frame rate before frame interpolation:

This is the frame rate after frame interpolation:

In fact, it can reach up to 120 or even 240 frames, but that requires better hardware configuration, which is not possible for my integrated graphics machine.

If you want to try it, you can click here to download and experience it. There is a complete tutorial inside. If conditions permit, it's better to support the genuine version (19.9 euros), after all, it would be a pity if such a good tool stopped updating.


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