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AutoWhitelist Zombie Update dev & New Future Plans

Yes, you read that right: after almost a month of hiatus, I have resurrected this project. Why do I call it a resurrection update? ~~Because if it weren't for the start of school and having nothing to do, I wouldn't even remember that I had this project.~~

Another important reason that prompted me to update is that another collaborator of this project, MainTest233, finally managed to squeeze in some time to join the development for certain reasons. Although we have encountered some difficulties so far, there is still hope for success.

During these few not so intense updates, we have successfully achieved the following goals:

  1. Abandoned the extremely unstable socketio library with almost 100% disconnection rate, and switched to using the native websocket library for communication, which has increased stability by ten times or even nine times (yay).
  2. Improved the judgment conditions for adding whitelist (no longer adding duplicate player information).
  3. Support both genuine and pirated servers at the same time.
  4. Switched to a stable dynamic acceleration CDN, further reducing latency and improving stability.
  5. Migrated the help documentation to a domestic server, greatly improving the user experience for domestic users.

Of course, these achievements may seem insignificant compared to becoming a well-known project in the Minecraft community. However, as long as we don't stop, the road will continue to extend (very realistic). In order to further advance towards our goal, we have decided to achieve the following goals in the future:

  1. Develop a stable Java client that supports all versions (including but not limited to mods, plugins, javaagent injection).
  2. Upgrade the web page comprehensively, abandon the use of the pywebio library, further reduce the learning curve and improve aesthetics.
  3. Implement cloud storage for whitelist, enabling shared whitelist among multiple servers, web-based whitelist management, and cloud blacklist functions.
  4. It would be great to have an official website as well.

These are all the contents of this dev update. Please look forward to our next update.


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